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Meadows Dry Ingredient Mixer

Meadows Dry Ingredient Mixer

From the oldest name in the milling business comes the Meadows Dry Ingredient Mixer.  The mixer is easy to operate and even easier to clean.  For loading the mixer has three inlets on its top; a 4 inch diameter inlet, an 8 inch diameter inlet, and a large hinged lid.  The mixer is powered by a 3-hp electric motor that is mounted on the side of the mixer.  The 3-hp electric motor is available for 60-hertz single-phase, 60-hertz 3-phase, and 50-hertz electrical supplies.  The belt drive with belt guard is mounted on the top of the stainless steel hopper.  The stainless steel hopper has a generous 400 pound capacity.  Once you have added your ingredients to the hopper start the electric motor and allow the 9 inch diameter stainless steel auger to work.  When your batch is mixed raise the discharge handle to fill your bags.  Once you have emptied the hopper you can use the clean-out door on the bottom of the hopper for easy cleaning of the machine.  The easy-to-use clean-out door makes product change-over quick.  To receive a quotation please contact Meadows Mills by telephone at 1-800-626-2282 or by email to  

Inlets on mixer Electric motor mounted on mixer
Loading the mixer is easy with a 4 inch diameter
inlet, 8 inch diameter inlet, and hinged lid.
The mixer is driven with a 3-hp electric motor that is
mounted on the side of the hopper.
Clean-out door for mixer Clean-out door for mixer
The easy to open clean-out door makes clean-up easy
Outlet for mixer Outlet for mixer
The discharge spout allows the operator to control the rate at which bags are filled.

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