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Meadows Portable/Stationary Christmas Tree Palletizer

Meadows Mills, Inc is based in the foothills of North Carolina, the heart of a vibrant Christmas tree growing region.  Meadows Mills began humbly in 1902 when an innovative new design for stone burr mills was introduced.  Since 1902 Meadows Mills has added many new, innovative products to its line.  In 2006 Meadows Mills introduced its first product dedicated to the Christmas tree packaging industry when the stationary Christmas tree palletizing unit was released.  The stationary Christmas tree palletizing unit was developed with guidance from Jim Heater with Silver Mountain Christmas Trees in Silver Mountain, OR.  After receiving input from our customers Meadows Mills announced in 2009 a new, improved design for the Christmas tree palletizer.  This new design was a compact, portable Christmas tree palletizing unit.  The portable unit was developed with guidance from Mike Severt with Severt Tree Farms in West Jefferson, NC.  In 2010 Meadows Mills announced that the portable Christmas tree palletizing unit is also available in a stationary configuration.

The Meadows Portable/Stationary Christmas Tree Palletizers can be easily adjusted to palletize trees from 6 feet tall to 12 feet tall.  For the portable configuration, the unit is equipped with a single axle.  Prior to operating the unit, the axle is raised (and lowered) using a pair of 2 inch by 24 inch hydraulic cylinders.  The tongue is available with either a drop-pin or pintle hitch and includes a jack.  The tongue is easily removed during operation.  An optional field tongue is available allowing easy movement within the field or lot.  The Stationary Christmas Tree Palletizers is constructed without the axle and tongue, but does include feet to make lifting the unit easier.

Both units are equipped with a 20.3-hp electric start gasoline engine.  The self-contained hydraulic system features a direct-driven two-stage 25-GPM hydraulic pump with oil tank.  Manual valves offer quick, decisive control of the unit.  Two rolls of polyester banding are mounted side-by-side on the top of the lid of the unit.  The lid is raised and lowered using a pair of 2 inch by 24 inch hydraulic cylinders.  Two manual ratchets for tensioning the polyester banding are mounted on the tailgate.  The polyester banding is typically fastened to the pallet with a portable stapler and cut with a knife.  The tailgate is raised and lowered using a pair of 2 inch by 12 inch hydraulic cylinders.  Compression is achieved by closing the tailgate, lowering the lid, and using the powerful ram.  The ram is operated using a 4 inch by 8 feet hydraulic cylinder.

Begin operation of the unit by raising the axle (portable unit only) and lowering the jack on the tongue (portable unit only) so that the unit sits on the ground.  Retract the compression ram, raise the lid, and lower the tailgate.  Load your pallet along with six 2 inch by 4 inch boards that act as the sides/top of your pallet.  Close the tailgate.  Load your trees.  Close the lid and enable the compression ram.  Once the pallet is compressed, tighten and staple the polyester banding.  Lower the tailgate and using the compression ram push the completed pallet from the unit.

With a cycle time of three minutes or less to produce one pallet this unit is perfect for growers, retailers, and wholesalers of all sizes.  Outriggers to level the units on uneven ground are also available.  With many retailers now requiring vendors to provide trees on pallets how can you afford not to invest in this unit?

You will find photographs and video of the unit below.  If you have questions about the Meadows Portable/Stationary Christmas Tree Palletizer please contact Meadows Mills, Inc by telephone at 1-800-626-2282 or 336-838-2282 or by email to  It is our hope that you will consider the Meadows Portable/Stationary Christmas Tree Palletizer a tool vital to your business.

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