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Meadows Eccentric Sifter

Meadows Three Outlet Eccentric Sifter

Meadows Eccentric Sifter Shown With Three Screen Sections

The Meadows Eccentric Sifter is used for screening a variety of dry, free-flowing products ranging in size from 1/4" to 100-mesh.  Processing capacity up to 1,500 pounds per hour.  Each sifter has four outlets.  Depending on the application, the sifter can be configured for up to three separations.  The fourth outlet is devoted to discharging overs.  The sifter is driven by a 3/4-hp 1,200-rpm 120-vac 60-hertz single-phase electric motor.  Electric motors for 50-hertz electrical supplies are available.  The inlet and outlets are constructed from stainless steel.  The net weight of the sifter is 300 pounds.  The crated weight for domestic shipment is 425 pounds and the crated weight for international shipment is 550 pounds.

Meadows Eccentric Sifters are designed to be mounted on the floor.  Our horizontal gyratory motion is gentle, reducing product degradation.  It is superior to designs using vibratory or centrifugal action.  Vibratory designs bounce materials vertically which shortens the time they are in contact with the screen reducing efficiency.  Oversized elongated particles pass through the screen when they are upended impairing separation quality.  Our gentle gyratory sifting action is less severe than centrifugal sifters.  Separation of near sized particles is more precise and the risk of fracturing oversize impurities and forcing them through the screen is diminished.

The gyratory sifting motion is created by the drive mechanism that straddles the sifter's center of gravity with a counterweight, counterbalancing the housing.  The sifter includes a dust-tight sieve housing mounted on a welded steel foundation.  The sieve housing is designed to hold up to six screen sections.  The vertically nested sieves, and compact design, conserve valuable floor space while offering maximum grading flexibility.  The sifter is approximately three feet square.  The height is determined by the number of sieves included.  The sifter can be opened, sieves completely removed and maintained, and then reassembled in minutes.  The sieve stack is inserted in the machine and held tightly in place by four guide rods.  Small sieve frames are easier to handle, maintain, exchange, and store than large unwieldy single bed sieves.  Small screens are less likely to sag and form pockets that collect material.  Loose screens lead to poor performance.

Meadows Mills is ready to customize a sifter to suit your application.  Our sifters are designed to be easily incorporated with Meadows stone burr mills or hammer mills equipped with a materials-handling fan.  If you are interested in the Meadows Eccentric Sifter please contact us by telephone at 800-626-2282 or 336-838-2282 or by email to   

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