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Meadows Grits Separators

Meadows Grits Separator Meadows Grits Separator

Meadows Hopper Bottom Grits Separator with 3-hp Electric Motor Drive

The Meadows Grits Separator is specialized machine for efficiently producing high quality corn meal and grits. The grits separator is large enough to handle the capacity of the Meadows 30" stone burr mill, but is efficient enough to produce high quality products when used with smaller Meadows stone burr mills.  The grits separator has an all steel cabinet.  A 5" round inlet receives the whole corn meal as the meal falls from a material collector mounted just over the inlet of the grits separator. The whole corn meal is generally conveyed to the grits separator by means of an elevating fan mounted on the stone burr mill.  A 7' rotating reel is located inside the housing of the grits separator.  The reel is covered with 26-mesh screen (produces the corn meal) and 12-mesh/14-mesh screen (produces the grits).  A suction fan, mounted on under the grits screens, helps to further clean the grits.  The result is corn meal beyond compare and grits free of trash.  The Meadows Grits Separator is available in two configurations.  The spout bottom, pictured above, is intended to be mounted on an upper floor of a multi-level mill.  The corn meal and grits may then fall freely into your bagging system.  The hopper bottom, not pictured, allows small millers to scoop the corn meal and grits into bags or brutes by hand.  The Meadows grits separator may be driven by flat belt from your Meadows stone burr mill or the grits separator can be driven by a 2-hp or 3-hp electric motor.  The 2-hp or 3-hp electric motor is available in single-phase or 3-phase.  Grits produced with a Meadows Grits Separator contain the germ and the full flavor of the corn.

Capacity per hour 
(meal and grits combined)
600-700 pounds
Required horse power 2-hp or 3-hp
single-phase or 3-phase
Correct RPM of reel 50-rpm
Correct RPM of shaft 300-rpm

Meal end:

  • 26 mesh, 60" x 63"

Grits end:

  • 12 mesh, 15" x 63"
  • 14 mesh, 15" x 63"


Meadows Grits Separator Meadows Grits Separator Meadows Grits Separator
Belt drive with 3-hp electric motor Waste fan with collector Waste outlet spout
Meadows Grits Separator Meadows Grits Separator
Clean-out door removed with reel displayed Hopper for collection of corn meal Inlet, material collector not shown
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