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Ornamental Granite Millstones

Meadows Mills, Inc is proud to offer solid granite ornamental millstones.  Our standard ornamental millstones are quarried from a vein of gray granite located in Mount Airy, NC.  In addition to gray granite our ornamental millstones are also available in pink, black, charcoal, and green granite for an additional charge.  Standard diameters are listed below.  If you desire a custom size please contact Meadows Mills for price and availability.  The 8 inches and 12 inches diameter ornamental millstones are approximately 2 inches to 3 inches thick while the 16 inches through 48 inches diameter ornamental millstones are approximately 6 inches thick.  If you desire a custom thickness please contact Meadows Mills for price and availability.  Millstones are available with either the standard furrow pattern also known as the mill cut or the pinwheel pattern.  Photos of each pattern can be seen below.  Custom furrow patterns may be cut into the face of any ornamental granite millstone if a photo or drawing of the furrow pattern is provided.  

Our granite ornamental millstones are reproductions of functional millstones.  We do occasionally have for sale pink granite millstones which have been removed from a stone burr grist mills during the course of mill restorations.  Prices will vary on these once functional, but now cracked, pink granite millstones.  Prices are based on the condition and size of these millstones.

Prices for our standard gray granite ornamental millstones can be found at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions about ornamental millstones or if you would like to receive a freight quotation please contact us by telephone at 1-800-626-2282 or 336-838-2282 or send an email to   

Ornamental Stone as Fountain Ornamental Stone as Fountain
Make a dramatic statement in your garden using a beautiful gray granite millstone in a fountain.  This
fountain was made using a 16" diameter gray granite ornamental millstone.
Ornamental Stone as Stepping Stone Ornamental Stones as Stepping Stones
Granite millstones can be used throughout your yard as beautiful stepping stones.  Here a 30" diameter
and a 24" diameter ornamental pink granite millstones have been used as stepping stones.
Ornamental Stones as Garden Accessories Ornamental Stone as Garden Accessory
Ornamental millstones can be used in a vertical presentations throughout your landscape. Ornamental
millstones make a great addition to any flower bed.


Gray Granite Ornamental 
by Diameter 

Price, Each
8 Inches $100.00
12 Inches $340.00
16 Inches $415.00
20 Inches $470.00
24 Inches $555.00
30 Inches $750.00
36 Inches $935.00
42 Inches $1,455.00
48 Inches $1,940.00
30" Diameter Gray Granite Mill Stone 30" Diameter Gray Granite Mill Stone
Pinwheel Pattern Standard Furrow Pattern or Mill Cut

Prices subject to change without notice.  Freight charges may apply.  NC Sales tax charges may apply.

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