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Meadows Vertical Edgers

Meadows 3-saw Vertical Edger with 40-hp electric motor drive and independent hydraulic power source

Meadows Vertical Edgers are available with 2 saws or 3 saws.  In the 2 saw format both saw collars shift independently.  In the 3 saw format the bottom saw and the middle saw shift independently.  The top saw is attached to the middle saw by a fixed width spacer.  The fixed width spacer can be constructed to yield any dimension.  Meadows vertical edgers are available with an electric motor directly driving the mandrel of the vertical edger or with a belt drive from the mandrel of the sawmill to a gearbox on the vertical edger.  A 40-hp electric motor is standard with the electric drive configuration, although larger electric motors can be provided at an additional charge.  All Meadows vertical edgers include a welded steel frame with an adjustable base for easy mounting.  All Meadows vertical edgers come standard with 2 15/16 inches diameter double-key mandrel.  The mandrel is turned down to 2 3/16 inches and is fitted with Dodge Type E bearings.  The float shaft, or shifting rod, on the back of the vertical edger is 2 3/16 inches diameter.  The saw collars on all Meadows vertical edgers are shifted by hydraulic cylinders.  Meadows utilizes 2 inches bore hydraulic cylinders to enable the saw shift.  A Meadows vertical edgers installed on a Meadows sawmill utilizes the hydraulic system found on the sawmill.  Those vertical edgers installed on another brand of sawmill will be equipped with an independent hydraulic power source that is mounted on the vertical edger.  The independent power source includes a 10-gallon hydraulic oil tank and pump.  The hydraulic pump is belt driven from the mandrel of the vertical edger.  All Meadows vertical edgers are equipped with 20 inches diameter inserted tooth F pattern saws.  120 volt 60 hertz single phase controls are included with all Meadows vertical edgers.  To receive a quotation please contact Brian Hege by telephone at 1-800-626-2282 or 336-838-2282 or by email

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