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Model #1

The Meadows Model 1 Sawmill features a welded steel frame constructed from 6" channel, 6" W-beam, and 4" x 4" tube which makes for a strong, durable product. The Meadows model 1 sawmill is available in handset or hydraulic configurations.


  • Carriage frame constructed from 3" x 4" tube
  • Ratchet cable tightner
  • 6 1/2" diameter carriage wheels with tapered roller bearings in wheel hubs
  • Track scrapes
  • Carriage axles, 1 11/16" diameter
  • Carriage axles attached to carriage with cast steel hangers (axle is stationary and wheel spins)
  • Standard track frames either 45' or 50', custom lengths are available
  • Steel headblocks with replaceable face plates, 33" opening
  • Headblocks available with single or double #50 adjustment chains
  • Replaceable UHMW wear strips between the knee and the base
  • 1 11/16" diameter set shaft
  • 1 11/16" diameter cable drum shaft standard on handset #1 sawmills
  • 2 3/16" diameter cable drum shaft standard on hydraulic #1 sawmills
  • Cable drum is 11" diameter with a 15" face and uses 1/2" cable
  • Mandrel is 2 7/16" diameter with 6" saw collars, lengths vary
  • Offbearing conveyor driven from the mandrel, available in either 14' length with 16" belt or 75" length with 16" belt, custom lengths are available
  • Saw guide with remote adjustment arms

Build Your Own

There are a multitude of configurations and add-ons to create the Meadows Carriage that is perfect for your operation and specific needs in milling timber. Here are a few of the options available for your Carriage:

  • Dial figure scale
  • Vertical figure scale
  • May be equipped with Model #2 or #4 material handling fan
  • Top Saw
  • Mobile Configuration
  • And Many More!

Let us get started building your Custom Carriage today by giving us a call.