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Spartan 6"

We have combined the expertise of Meadows Mills, Inc., with 101 years of experience, with the expertise of Miner Edger, with 79 years of experience, to build a line of revolutionary new combination edgers.


  • Frame constructed from stacked 8" x 18.75 lb./ft. channel.
  • Standard frame length is 20' with infeed and outfeed table
  • 4" O.D. (Schedule 40 pipe with 1/4" wall) with 1" shaft with 1" pillow block bearings
  • 2 15/16" diameter high carbon turned, ground and polished steel with two 1/2" keys
  • Two 3" diameter machine-cut infeed and two 3" diameter machine-cut outfeed bottom rolls connected by a roller chain drive
  • Hydraulic feed with variable control
  • Standard Hydraulic press roll lift with foot-pedal control or push button
  • Press roll mounted with 1 7/16" bearing insert with locking collar
  • 20" inserted tooth F pattern saw, 8 gauge with 18 teeth, 9/32" kerf
  • Stationary saw collars

Available Options

There are several options for edger, including a variable speed hydraulic feed, dial figure scale and saw dust blower to name a few.

Get a complete list of options and configurations by giving us a call.